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Lessons Learned in 2016 That Will Impact My Creativity in 2017

2016 was not a year of discovery for me. I'm super analytical & already know a hell of a lot about myself BUT it was a good year for reinforcing what I do know...such as:

1. I HAVE NO TIME. My icons are dying. Plus, I hadn't had a death in my family for many years and this year I had a handful including the one person that I thought would never die: my grandmother. So, I must do what I'm gonna do with this life NOW.

2. WALK AWAY FROM ANYTHING THAT DOESN'T ALIGN WITH MY LIFE'S GOALS IN 30 secs FLAT. Period. Do it nicely and burn no bridges but chuck the peace sign and don't look back.


and outsource the rest. It's the only way to grow.

4. I CAN HAVE ANYTHING I WANT AS LONG AS I'M WILLING TO GRIND FOR IT. Anything. A smaller waist line. An exotic 2-week vacation. A deeper love. A cuter car. A fleet of cute cars. My baby in the best schools. Purchasing lots of property. Anything I imagine is attainable with a plan.

5. RELATIONSHIPS MATTER. It's not the quantity of time but the quality. Sending thank you notes or a meaningful gift, remembering a birthday, meeting up for tea, cooking their favorite meal, taking time for a long phone call every once in a while...these things are priceless and keep relationships strong.

Thanks 2016 for making me MORE of me. Wishing you all a GLORIOUS New Year!

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