• Terina Nicole

Bags for Living: The New Essentials

Designing my latest collection, “Bags for Living” was all about our new needs as a society: Laptop cases to bring “working from home” outdoors, pouches for our face mask and antibacterial so we aren’t digging for them at the bottom of our handbags, cases for our biodegradable bamboo cutlery because carrying our own spoons and forks and straws keeps us just a bit safer and stops us from consuming plastic unnecessary.

For moms, sexy upcycled fringe leather cases to carry our toddler’s diapers and wipes discreetly that don’t scream DIAPER BAGS!

One very specific way quarantine has changed me is that it forced me to pair down to the necessities in my life and those necessities have changed because 4 months ago I didn’t need a face mask to leave the house with. Now, I have a leather pouch that I carry mine in on my forearm.

So expect my new collection to be more about function and being utilitarian and not just cute bags for cute bags’ sakes.

PRESS PLAY above to view the lookbook.

The pieces in the collection will be available in the SHOP starting today and continue to rollout over the next 2 weeks.

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