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Home Goods & Furnishings

Footstool made of belts
African Nest Chair

An artistic upcycle turning a vintage chair into a "bird's nest" to be gifted to charity.

Belt Bench

Vintage bench painted and reupholstered with belts that belonged to client's late spouse.

Leather Belt Bench
Leather & Mudcloth Throw Pillows
Upcycled Throw Pillows made from

vintage jacket

Upcycled Coffee Sack & Leather Pillo
Mudcloth Cherrywood Bench
Pastel Mudcloth Chair
Vertical Leather & Mudcloth Pillow
Upcycled Chalkboard Desk
Leather Sleep Masks
African Wax Print Napkins

with leather napkin ring

Before and After Dining Chairs
Mudcloth & Leather Planter
Lambskin Fringe Pillows
Mudcloth & Leather Throw Pillow
Indigo Mudcloth Ottoman

Adorned with Ostrich feathers and leather button.

Tribal Leather Upcycled Chair
Massai Warrior Denim throw pillows
Color Field Chairs
Leather & Wood Moroccan Game Stool

Upcycled from a discarded wood stool

Gold Spiked Leather & Mudcloth Pillo
Serving tray black
Leather Jewelry Boxes
Dinner plate front view
Braided Leather Napkin Rings
Studded Leather Vessel with Mudcloth
Oversized Studded Salad Tongs
Hand-Weaved Color-Blocked Pillow
Leather Placemats


To request  a custom-made home decor or furnishings:

Send inquiry.

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