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Home Goods & Furnishings

Footstool made of belts
Upcycled Chalkboard Desk
Upcycled Coffee Sack & Leather Pillo
Mudcloth Cherrywood Bench
Pastel Mudcloth Chair
Vertical Leather & Mudcloth Pillow
Leather Sleep Masks
Leather & Mudcloth Throw Pillows
African Wax Print Napkins

with leather napkin ring

Before and After Dining Chairs
Upcycled Throw Pillows made from

vintage jacket

Belt Bench

Vintage bench painted and reupholstered with belts that belonged to client's late spouse.

Leather Belt Bench
Mudcloth & Leather Planter
Lambskin Fringe Pillows
Mudcloth & Leather Throw Pillow
Indigo Mudcloth Ottoman

Adorned with Ostrich feathers and leather button.

Tribal Leather Upcycled Chair
Massai Warrior Denim throw pillows
Color Field Chairs
Leather & Wood Moroccan Game Stool

Upcycled from a discarded wood stool

Gold Spiked Leather & Mudcloth Pillo
Serving tray black
Leather Jewelry Boxes
Dinner plate front view
Braided Leather Napkin Rings
Studded Leather Vessel with Mudcloth
Oversized Studded Salad Tongs
Hand-Weaved Color-Blocked Pillow
Leather Placemats


To request  a custom-made home decor or furnishings:

Send inquiry.

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