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A Home Office/Guest Room Transformation:
A dark, dreary, unorganized second bedroom has been transformed into a light, airy, glamorous space perfect for a fly chick who LOVES fancy shoes.
After (click any photo to see them all)
Mood board for this project
All of my redesigns start with a mood board and a floor plan.
Office supplies and fresh flowers
Fresh and fabulous!
Front view of desk
An horizontal abstract art piece as a pop of color without being a distraction.
Gold & white chair
Luxe and glamorous, she needs a chair that is worthy of her. We found this one reasonably priced on It's a Rachel George white and gold vegan leather chair.
Double closet renovation
The dark red wall paint was covered in light hues.
Inspiration art work
I found these lovely ceramic gold and white frames and printed words of inspiration that deeply resonated with the homeowner to fill them.
Left closet
Dark drown crushed velvet drapes were removed from the closets and they were cleaned out and organized. Jypsea Leathergoods leather studded pillow with a graphic accent pillow are tucked away in a gold basket.
The homeowner is a beautiful young woman with a serious shoe collection. I made that the focal point of the space.
You give a woman the right shoes and she can conquer the world! -Marilyn Monroe
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A Tiny Closet Becomes the Perfect Zen Home Office
In a bigger redesign, in which I turned 2 unused bedrooms into a meditation room and a jazz-inspired guest room, a tiny closet in the new meditation room became the perfect Zen home office.
After (click any photo to see them all)
From small closet to home office
First step: the walls of the room were painted a calming mauve then I sanded and polyurethaned the gorgeous hardwood floors that had been hidden underneath. The homeowner has traveled the world as a performer for Cirque DuSoleil and therefore this framed poster was just PERFECT! Around the entrance to the "office" we hung a silk scarf that she bought off of a Romanian gypsy while in Europe. The staff next to the entrance is what she used to climb Mount Kilamanjaro in Japan!
Handmade shelving
When cleaning out this closet I discovered wood planks and a roll of 40 year old wall paper. I painted the wood planks white, put up the wall paper, and hung the shelves. The accessories are from the homeowner's world travels and the cute polka dot clock is from Home Goods. The photo she took herself in the Caribbean.
The stapler though...
Clear and copper. So chic! Another Home Goods find.
Lighting in a jar
This idea was the homeowner's and it is just an adorable way to increase the lighting in the tiny space without taking up space with a lamp.
Office accessories
A cork board for reminders and a calendar occupy this wall next to a few of her favorite books.
Office accessories, cont.
Gold bins for mail and such occupy the opposite wall.
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A Childhood Bedroom is Redesigned as a Yoga/Meditation Room
What becomes of the bedroom you grew up in after you've been away from it for 10 years? My client, a world-traveled performer, is the new owner of the home she grew up in. Updating the old rooms new to suite her matured tastes is the responsibility I've been given.
After (click any photo to see them all)
Zen Meditation Room Moodboard
All of my room redesigns begin with an Inspiration board. This one was a great start to creating a peaceful, productive space.
The moment you want through the sheer curtains into the Zen Meditation room, you are greeted with the relics from the homeowner's exotic travels around the world on soothing blush colored walls. These are the things that make her smile and jog pleasant memories.
Big Buddha
A corner bookcase is home to favorite reads, travel and family photos, and a pretty Buddha that serves as an important reminder to preserve our own spiritual space.
Important relics
A special photo of her mom sits next a souvenir from Japan.
Meditation space
We found a low, narrow table to place the important elements of her spiritual ritual. The "Zen" Leather-trimmed Floor Pillow is by Jypsea Leathergoods (available in the Gift Shop). The Asian yoga mat carrier and all of the other beautiful details have been picked up from around the world.
An avid yoga practicioner, having mirrors to help her perfect the asanas, was a MUST. I found the two on the ends in her closet and painted it blush to blend into the walls as if they were built in. The center mirror was a Target find, painted to match. The photo of Big Buddha she actually took herself while in Hong Kong.
Bring light and life to any room with lanterns and hanging plants.
Gallery wall
Images of the homeowner from her travels around the world as a songstress.
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A  Jazz-Inspired Guestroom
What becomes of the bedroom you grew up in after you've been away from it for 10 years? My client, a world-traveled performer, is the new owner of the home she grew up in. Updating the childhood bedrooms to suite her grown-up aesthetic is the responsibility I'd been given.
It required me ripping 40-year old carpet from the floor, sanding and polyurethaning the hardwood floors underneath, painting an armoire that was handed down to her big brother from her dad decades ago and turning it to the perfect space for guests to use as a vanity and keepsake for their accessories....just to start! A challenging and highly satistfying project, for sure.
After (click photo to see all)
Jazz-inspired guestroom
The homeowner is a professional singer who grew up with parents who love music so the records on the wall and vintage record player are all authentic and were used by her parents! This vignette sits on top the the armoire I painted and refinished.
Music is life!
A poster from one of the singer's past performances and vintage artwork depicting dancing go great with the theme of the space.
The songtress
Posters, photos and artwork of the songstress in action adorn the left wall.
Inside the armoire
A vanity. A place for jewelry and drawers for garments. We hope the guests will find it completely sufficient.
Music is everywhere!
I made jazz-inspired throw pillows with the silhouette of a saxophone and a retro microphone.
The singer and her crew on tour
with Cirque Du Soleil!
A chill spot
Read a book, get cozy in a warm blanket and play your music. I think the guests of this room will enjoy this spot.
The chair is from the diningroom. I painted it and reupholstered it to coordinate with the bedroom.
The details
The vintage lamp was found in the basement. The metal figurine was her dad's and the tea light holder from Home Goods. Not shown: The lampshade is grey and white stripped to match the curtains and bedding.
Musical walls
To further emphasize the "music in the air", I applied musical note decals in the corner of the room, seemingly coming from the vintage record player.
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I recently moved into my childhood home and began renovations. Terina helped me from concept to closure on how to turn my childhood bedroom into a space that meets the needs of my adult life. . We took my passion for yoga, travel and converted the room that raised me into a room that nurtures me. She helped me conceptualize a space that is unique and purposeful and then lovingly guided me through the process of curating precious items that I already owned and shopping for complimentary furnishings. Terina was compassionate and understanding. She was forthcoming with her own ideas while always incorporating mine. She was also swift and deliberate in executing the project, which was great because I can be indecisive and a procrastinator! She turned a room that has been empty for 9 months into a sacred meditation space and home office full of positive vibes in a little over 2 weeks. I am 100% satisfied with the job Terina did. In fact, I was so pleased with her work that I have asked her to direct the renewal of my final spare bedroom. We've already started sharing ideas and I could not be more excited for the finished product.

-Vedra C., Professional Singer

Terina was amazing to work with. She is uber-talented with a cutting edge eye for design. Terina transformed my dark gloomy home office into the vibrant, high-end, chic, luxurious studio office space that I was looking for. She made it super easy to make my selections on everything from furniture to picture frames. She is that rare mix of creative and organized. Terina can think outside of the box to solve complex design challenges, and she is also a true professional- responsive, patient and flexible. Terina went above and beyond accommodating my busy schedule and added every extra personal touch I imagined especially by featuring my most prized possessions "SHOES". She blended comfort and style to create a showcase area reflecting the surrounding Real BOSS Chick vibe!! I feel like I work in a new place and for the first time in 8 years of telecommuting it actually reflects who I am and what I love. Terina Nicole truly embodies Everyday Elegance!

- Aisha K., Marketing Director

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