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Interior Styling

Infusing modern elegance
into casual settings
through room redesign
& home staging.

A Home Office/Guest Room Transformation:
A dark, dreary, unorganized second bedroom has been transformed into a light, airy, glamorous space perfect for a fly chick who LOVES fancy shoes.
After (click any photo to see them all)
A Tiny Closet Becomes the Perfect Zen Home Office
I turned an unused bedroom into a meditation room and the tiny closet in the new meditation room became the perfect Zen home office.
My client, a world-traveled performer, is the new owner of the home she grew up in. Updating the old rooms new to suite her matured tastes is the responsibility I've been given.
After (click any photo to see them all)
Cloffice interior
A  Jazz-Inspired Guestroom
What becomes of the bedroom you grew up in after you've been away from it for 10 years? 
It required me ripping 40-year old carpet from the floor, sanding and polyurethaning the hardwood floors underneath, painting an armoire that was handed down to her big brother from her dad decades ago and turning it to the perfect space for guests to use as a vanity and keepsake for their accessories....just to start!
A challenging and highly satistfying project, for sure.
After (click photo to see all)


I recently moved into my childhood home and began renovations. Terina helped me from concept to closure on how to turn my childhood bedroom into a space that meets the needs of my adult life. . We took my passion for yoga, travel and converted the room that raised me into a room that nurtures me. She helped me conceptualize a space that is unique and purposeful and then lovingly guided me through the process of curating preci