Jewelry & Head Adornment



To request  a custom-made jewelry or hair adornment:

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Custom Leather Crown
Leather & Amethyst Neckpiece
Prom Crown
Jade and Brass Set
Spiked Leather Choker
Fringe and Brass Woven Choker
Leather Cuffs
Snakeskin and spiked straps
Leather & Snakeskin Cuff
Art Deco Leather Earrings
Shoulder-grazing statement earrings
Hand-painted Drop Leather Earrings
Marble & Leather Earrings
Recycled Leather Fringe Neckpiece
Matching studded fingerless gloves
Leather & Gold-covered Amethyst
Necklace with bronze hardware and chain.
Leather Fringe Neckpiece
Leather, metal, glass, beads, natural elements combine to create this waist-length statement piece.
Leather Spear Earrings
Hand-painted spear-shaped leather earrings
Jeweled Ear Cuff
Snakeskin Leaf Cuff
WonderMother Bracelet
Bronze, Leather, Mother-of-Pearl Cuff Bracelet
Bronze Spherical Earrings
Snakeskin Bangles
Studded Antler Ring
Lambskin Swing Earrings
Bridal Headpiece
Leather Headband with Feather, Gold Chain and Swarvoski Crystals
Hammered Brass Cuff
Conch shell and leather lining
Gold-painted Antler Necklace
Mink Swing Earrings
Upcycled Collar Cuff
Fox & Suede Neck Plate
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