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Passionistas' Website Launch Celebration

Friday, October 30th was the date of the highly anticipated celebration of the new online destination for modern entreprenerial women, www.passionistasinc.com.

Passionistasinc.com is more than a website though, it is a movement. Founded by interior designer Beth Diana Smith of Diana Studios, it began as a private facebook group and grew into empowering events and brainstorming meetings and now a website that supports the goals of modern women in business. The sincere ambition to grow in business while helping, collaborating, and sharing with women on the same path sounds lovely but to find it to be so real and feel the warmth experienced on Friday is just beyond spectacular.

We congregated at Ode to Babel, a gorgeous new cafe and lounge in Brooklyn owned by fellow Passionista, Marva Babel and enjoyed an evening of networking and socializing among the contributing writers to the site, other Passionistas, local entrepreneurs, press and supporters.

Besides the incomparable sisterhood, Passionista membership provides tons of perks from discounts for travel, Broadway tickets and many businesses around the country to access to a credit union, free business workshops and so much more.

I write for the Living section and have two articles up right now: 5 Steps to Creating a Low Maintenance yet Chic, Urban Garden

and How I Solved the ‘Huge Column in the Middle of the Room’ Conundrum.

Look out for new DIY articles from me there each month and join the sisterhood for the support only a Passionista can provide. :)

Authentically yours,

Terina Nicole

All Photo Credit: Erick Green Photography

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