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Hand-painted Leather Bookmarks by Jypsea Leathergoods

I love books. Real ones. The weight of one in my hands and the crisp sound of the pages ruffling, the mild "new book scent" all pleases me. Generally, I have 1-3 books being read at once, other times I have the luxury to plow through one before moving on to another. In either instance, I need to not lose my place but like all design lovers, any ol' bookmark won't do. It has to please me just as much as the crisp sound of the turning pages, if not more. For a design lover, even a bookmark needs to be well designed. And this is the mindset behind the brand new 3-pack of Leather Bookmarks. Super thick leather. Geometric designs.

And gold leaf paint. Mmmmmmmmmm!

They make a very thoughtful gift! Get some from the gift shop.


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