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How to Incorporate Pastels into Your Home Decor

Pastels have never really excited me. I've always appreciated a strong hue. A bold statement. Or at the very least, a good neutral. But then Spring 2016 emerged with a cotton candy, lemonade, blue sky, baby blush color palette and it's like I'm seeing pastels for the first time ever, with FRESH EYES. How fun they are! And refreshing! Pastels are truly POPPIN' and I am loving them.

If you're like most of us and don't have a cotton candy pink livingroom, figuring out how to add these pretty colors to your home decor could be challenging.

Here are my favorite ways to incorporate pastels for a refreshing update that doesn't completely turn your current color palette on its head.

1. Add throw pillows! Even on a brown, taupe, grey or otherwise neutral-colored sofa, bed or chair; a set of pastel throw pillows will liven up any space!



2. Change your bedding! Your winter bedding is not only much too heavy for the warm weather but the color is likely also all wrong. Switch out dark colors to a pale palette to bring in spring's favorite soft colors without a major overhaul to your room.

3. DIY a POP piece of furniture. Either by painting it or re-upholstering it, updating the color of a chair, armoire, bookcase, or other main character in your home's ensemble would be a fun way to spend the day and once done, you'll have a pastel pretty piece of furniture you'll love for years.

source: pinjacolada

Painting is fairly easy but if you need re-upholstering assistance, check out this post here.

4. Paint an accent wall! Or door...


5. Get a new rug.

Need more help updating your space than this post? Visit my design services and let me know if I can be of service.

Got pastels popping in your home? Show me! Tag me on IG, I'd love to see. Happy decorating!

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