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Chinese Lanterns Festival

My family and I visited the Chinese Lantern Festival on exhibit at historic Franklin Park in Philly (located on 6th and Race) over the weekend. It is just too spectacular for words. This traveling festival is created throughout the world but this was the first one in the USA. Each festival is custom-made for it's venue. And with it just a block away from Chinatown in Philly, this chosen location couldn't be more ideal. Check it out yourself here:

I already love Asian decor but I feel even more inspired to bring more traditional Chinese design influence into my home decor designs after visiting this breathtaking showcase. I made a quickie moodboard (below) on Polyvore to save my inspiration for future projects.

Chinese Lantern Moodboard

So you creative spirit you, where you DO find inspiration? Tag me on IG to show me where you go and what you to get your creative juices flowing.


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