• Terina Nicole

'Garden Variety' Lookbook

I spent my childhood summers in Greenville, SC. Although Greenville has become cosmopolitan over recent years, it was a rural getaway for my siblings, first cousins and me when we were kids. I'm a city girl from Newark, NJ who loves to garden, crochet, and cook with fresh ingredients thanks to my experiences on their acreage. I often wonder who I'd become if I was had the typical inner city experience. So much of who I am is due to those long summer days playing in the soil and warm nights capturing fireflies. Diving into waterfalls, living life barefoot, and getting around in the bed of a pickup truck. Freedom from the strict rules of my parents' home, with my grandparents I could just BE.

Both of my grandparents are now in heaven but their influence continues to live on. My latest collection, Garden Variety, pays homage to them.

Click below to page through the lookbook or click here if it isn't visible in your browser.


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