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DIY: Vintage Vanity Remix

Over the weekend, between a beach excursion and other family activities, my daughter and I sanded, painted, and totally spruced up a vintage vanity set I found for her on Craigslist.

The vanity is an Art Deco piece from the "waterfall" era in furniture of the 1930s and 40s. Made of solid wood and in very good condition, I wasn't too concerned about the chipped paint when I first saw it. Nothing a little elbow grease couldn't handle!

Besides giving it a fresh coat of pure white paint, we added flower, fuzzy string lighting to the mirror, decorative paper to line the drawers, gold paint to the drawer pulls and switched out the stool for a mint wire green chair.

The stool is now used alongside her bed and it also got a fresh coat of paint as well as faux fur upholstery. The excess white faux fur became a throw for the mint green chair. Didn't take long for my child to fill in her drawers with her books, hair accessories, and girlie things.

One project down, many more to go! Miss Thang wants her bedroom remixed by the end of the summer so look out for more updates in the near future.

Below are some photos of the transformation process:

DIY Vintage Vanity Remix
DIY vintage vanity remix

The mirror, in its original state.

DIY vintage vanity remix

The vanity prior to sanding, drawers removed.

I forgot to snap a photo of the vanity with drawers inserted prior to working on it but this one above is from the same era and looks very similar to mine prior to the remix.

My daughter and I painting the vanity.

DIY vintage vanity remix

The fresh coat of paint made all the difference!

DIY vintage vanity remix

Daughter added decorative paper to line the drawers.

DIY vintage vanity remix

Getting messy with my baby is so fun!

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