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The Candle that's MORE than a Candle: Chesapeake Bay Candle

chesapeake bay candle review

There are few things I love more than a home that is a respite from the world. A home that feels, smells, and looks like my own definition of heaven is my expectation after I've been out in the world slaying dragons all day. Recently I received candles from Chesapeake Bay Candle that have helped me achieve bliss at home.

Before I can even delve into what the scents do for me, my first impression of the candles were of its modern aesthetic. The packaging lends itself to gracefully fitting into the decor of any home. The beautiful jar caps made of real wood and the translucent glass in soothing hues alone have such a clean, simplistic style that you can tuck them anywhere in the home without interrupting your flow.

Chesapeake Bay Candle review

Chesapeake Bay Candle review

The packaging doesn't beg for attention at all, which is really nice!

But what makes Chesapeake Bay Candles extra special is it's story. The company was founded by a Chinese-American entrepreneur, Mei Xu, who came to the US for college at the University of Maryland College Park. After she completed grad school, she moved to NYC to work for a high-tech medical company. While shopping at Bloomingdales one day, she noticed that although there was a ton of selection for sophisticated apparel, not much was available for modern, home decor. Inspired, she returned to her home and husband in Maryland, near Chesapeake Bay, and began her candle-making journey in 1994. Today her line of candles are sold in Target, Kohl's, and TJX Companies (TJMaxx) and employs more than 1,400 people worldwide, including a factory of 100 workers in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Mei Xu is also the CEO of Blissliving Home, a premium lifestyle brand for globally-inspired textiles, linens, and paints sold though upscale department stores such as Nordstrom's and Neiman Marcus. How's that for #Girlboss inspiration?!!

Each scent has a purpose. "joy + laughter" for instance, is fruity and sweet with light and airy essential oil blends of orange peel, lemon, and cedarwood blended with tones one cranberry, plum nectar, and florals like rose, peony and the mellow scent of red wine! Doesn't that just make you giddy?!!

Chesapeake Bay Candles

The "balance + harmony" reed diffuser is the scent I have the pleasure of smelling most because it's placed in the center of my loft.

The fragrance is called Waterlily Pear. Imagine ripened peach, rose petals, creamy coconut, and essential oils of orange and sandalwood. When I come into the home and inhale, I immediately feel a sense of balance and leave the world behind me. I'm immediately in #chillmode.

Chesapeake Bay Candles Reed Diffuser

I placed the "reflection + clarity" candle in my master bath because it reminds me of a day at the shore. The fragrance allows my mind time for quiet contemplation with calming notes of chamomile, eucalyptus and lavender. Plus the scent of sea salt and thyme in the mix totally clear the air. It's just SO FRESH. My bubble baths are definitely enhanced thanks to this candle.

Chesapeake Bay Candle Reflection + Clarity

What's most amazing about Chesapeake Bay Candles though is the price point! With luxury candles nowadays priced over $50, being able to be transported to another world for the small investment of $10-20 is unheard of. Chesapeake Bay Candles are socially responsible, attractive, effective and affordably priced. I absolutely love them.

But, don't just take my word for it, get your own from their website. Playing Secret Santa at work is just a few weeks away so get a head start! The gift section of the Chesapeake Bay Candle's website has an amazing selection of $15 presents!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but every single word is the truth. I only partner with brands that I believe in and want to share with my audience because it's too good to keep all to myself.


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