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Your Guide to Successfully Hosting Dinner for the Holidays, Part 1of 2

Your Guide to Successfully Hosting Holiday Dinner

November has arrived. This signifies that the holiday season is upon us, officially. Many of us have already decided where we'll spend the holidays and with whom. Whether you're a "big holiday person" or not, you must know that days like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the multiple days of Kwanzaa and Hanukkah are very special to most of us in the U.S. We look forward to the memories created during these times that'll last a lifetime. Therefore, if someone has decided to spend their highly anticipated holiday at your home, know that you have the responsibility of BRINGING IT.

Holiday feast

Much careful consideration has likely gone into their decision to feast with you. They may have had to argue with their spouse and convince their children of your worthiness. They may have to forgo dinner with their favorite relatives and turned down more prestigious invitations to chill with you. DON'T LET THEM DOWN.

They went to bat for you so be sure you provide them with a holiday experience that they can go back to work on Monday and boast about amongst the best of them at the water cooler.

This shouldn't have to be said but... Serving your typical Monday night recipes on paper plates in front of the TV is NOT AN OPTION on Thanksgiving or any of the aforementioned holidays.

So how do you avoid holiday disgrace? It's not too difficult, I promise. Just put your best foot forward and prepare for the occasion as if The Obamas or The Carters (Jay-Z, Beyonce & Blue Ivy) were joining you for dinner. When you treat your guests with the same respect, courtesy and significance as you'd treat your idols, you show them that you love them. And that, my friend, is what the holidays is about, LOVE.

Christmas family love

Don't worry. This isn't about breaking the bank or enrollment in etiquette school. Simple, yet classy, entertaining at home can be done on any budget with a little charm and creativity.


Step 1-Setting the Vibe

Every holiday celebration is an unique as the person hosting it. It's YOUR party so you get to decide how it'll flow (for the most part). Remain flexible to accommodate your guest but create a holiday vibe that best mimics YOUR personality. If you want a Christmas that resembles an old black & white movie with caroling and a grand piano, that's fine. If your Thanksgiving would be more "you" with karaoke and a game of charades as an ice-breaker before the formal dinner, that's cool too! It's all up to you BUT you must plan it out and gather all you need to pull it off in advance. You can have a fun theme and impose a related dress code. Or tie in a good cause to your dinner party such as a incorporating a coat drive for the homeless. It's all your call so dream up something memorable/meaningful/crazysexycool and work it out.

Games, music, seating, cocktails, dinner, desert, and decor all should work in a cohesive way that complements the desired vibe of your dinner party.

The vibe sets the entire tone of the dinner party. Once you've decided on it, planning what you'll serve, decorating your space and designing the invitations will be MUCH easier.

The most important part of making sure your "vibe" is achieved is that you stay organized in your planning.

Be on the lookout for Step 2 next week!


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