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Easy DIY: CB2 Pom-Pom Basket Hack

Terina Nicole Design Studio Pom-Pom Basket

Ever come across something in one of your favorite design catalogs that you adore but the price tag makes you roll your eyes and say, "ppsssshhhhhh, I can make that for 1/10 of the price!"

Well, that's what happened when I saw the Button Pom-Pom Basket in CB2's latest catalog for $60.

And so this quick and easy DIY hack ensued. Sure, CB2's pom-poms are fluffier but even if I purchased super fluffy pom-poms instead of making them myself, this project would have still cost a lot LESS than $59.95.

Here are the simple steps to making your own Pom-Pom Basket.

Click each photo for instructions.

What things have you seen recently that you knew you could totally hack in a second? I'd LOVE to know!


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