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DIY: Perfumed Drawer Sachets

DIY Perfumed Drawer Sachets from The Creative's Container

The second month of The Creative's Container has arrived and we couldn't be happier! Thank you to our wonderful subscribers, reviewers, and everyone who continues to share our labor of love with the world.

The August project will teach a life skill I think all people should have: hand-sewing! We all should be able to fix a button or hem a skirt or mend a torn seam, in my opinion. This easy project will teach you the basics of sewing AND you'll emerge less then 15 minutes later with something fragrantly delicious for your sock or lingerie drawer. How great is that?

So for those of you working on the August kit, DIY Perfumed Drawer Sachets, here is the video tutorial in case you need more than the written instructions:


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