• Terina Nicole

DIY Autumn Wreath

I truly have no idea why wreaths are so expensive when they are so easy to make. I just don't get it. My front door in our new place looked rather bare so I made this baby to spruce it up and get us into the spirit of Thanksgiving. At the loft building we moved from, wreaths weren't really allowed. They would turn a blind eye for the month of December but if they were still on our doors come January 2nd, they would CONFISCATE THEM! So believe me when I say, I'm very pleased to have a lovely wreath at my door again.

There really are just 3 simple steps to a fly wreath.

I made a more Goth-inspired wreath 2 years ago. Check that out if that's more your speed.

What are some things you need to get into the spirit of the holidays? Drop a comment to let me know.

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