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5 Ways to Come Out of the "Quarantine" Better Than You Were Going In

Social Distancing.

Before a week ago, I don't think this is a term I'd ever heard before. But here we are. Schools and libraries are closed. All businesses that aren't essential are closed. All gatherings over 10 people are canceled. The open house for my new business, The Fashion Design Center of South Jersey, was supposed to happen last Saturday but I was asked to postpone it. Such a BUMMER! We are all home to slow down the spreading of the Corona Virus but this has caused a lot of anxiety and distress on many. So in the spirit of always seeking the silver lining, I think this time alone or holed up with your loved ones can be VERY rewarding if utilized it the correct way!

Here are 5 Ways this Quarantine can actually IMPROVE your life:

1. Further your education. Here are 500 courses from Ivy League colleges offered for TOTALLY FREE. Take advantage! This could increase your earning potential and look great on your resume.

2. Pick up a new hobby. You have nothing but time on your hands? Stay crafty so you don't go crazy! Learn to make African Waistbeads with my DIY kits. Take a virtual art workshop with famous artists. Or learn how to do almost anything creative under the sun on Skillshare! Use my link to get your first 2 months of Skillshare for FREE!

3. Get back in shape. Lack of time is no longer a valid excuse! Put on the kicks and jog around your hood, workout with a Youtube fitness instructor (my fave is Blogilates!) or do your calisthenics on your own in the livingroom while the kids keep up with their online assignments on the laptops in another space. Even better, incorporate the kids for afternoon yoga sessions or morning walks.

4. Deepen your relationships, first with yourself and then with your family and friends. Having time alone to get more in-tuned to what's important to you and what contribution you want to leave on the world and how to go about doing so is necessary but we live in a world that makes inner reflection difficult thanks to the constantly distractions. Use this time to re-evaluate your goals and map out a plan of action for yourself.

This time at home could be thought of as a stay-cation with your kids or significant other. Pull out the board games, teach your tweens and teens how to cook, take the time to learn more about what makes your lover tick these days and you'll be surprised how your relationships evolve into something more enjoyable and meaningful.

5. Do that thing you say you never have time for like writing the business plan for a new enterprise, clearing the clutter from your closets to sell or donate, launching a podcast (check out mine here), calling an old friend from college, trying out new recipes or changing your look. I plan to install long braids tomorrow but first, I'll flip my closet from winter to spring and attempt to build a spring capsule wardrobe.


Today I attended the funeral of my cousin, 2 years younger than me. She died suddenly of natural causes leaving behind her two young children. My heartaches and I want to use this space as a reminder to all reading that our time is our most previous entity. You may know how many dollars you have in the bank but you don't know how many hours you have left in this life. Use your time wisely, loves.

Stay creative,


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