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Bridgett Artise: How She Turned Tragedy Into Triumph & Became a Sustainable Fashion Design Pioneer

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

On 2/4/2020, I launched my podcast, The Fashion Industry Business & Career Show, and my dear friend Bridgett Artise was my first guest, which is fitting because she's used to being FIRST.

She wrote what is probably the first book on sustainable fashion design 12 years ago, published by Random House and available in all of the major book retailers. She then became the first to teach sustainable fashion design at my alma mater, the Fashion Institute of Technology. She's had many other amazing firsts...but it all began out of despair from a tragedy. I'll let you hear about it all yourself in our interview!

Stay tuned until the end (if you watch the video below) because she'll walk you through a fly fashion DIY upcycle!



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