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From Designing Apparel to Designing Spaces for Black Americans to Flee to: A Chat w/TaNesha Barnes

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

I'd been friends with TaNesha Barnes for years via Facebook admiring her work as a fellow fashion designer before I met her in person at a fashion show and pop-up shop I hosted. She came with her gorgeous line and her vibrant energy and I loved her even more in person. In time I came to see that there was even more to know and love about her such as the fact that she had run her own line of beauty and skincare before launching the clothing line.

And then came her curated global excursions that she takes folks on around the world. Those excursions have lead her to her current venture: A space she's designed in Morocco for Black Americans to migrate to to escape the harsh, racist realities of American life.

We discuss all of that in this fun interview (below). Here is a look at some of her design work and the property she is designing in Morocco for US!

Keep up with TaNesha online at Learn more about Sbai Palace at Subscribe to Free Black Woman Magazine here: find TaNesha Barnes on IG at

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