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How I Designed My Latest Collection After a LONG Hiatus

Jypsea Leathergoods designed by Terina Nicole

It's been a while since I released new work. With a new baby, a move into a new home and other shifts in my life (including a new marriage) I just needed to let the dust settle and find my new normal. Not to mention, a pregnancy at 41 is not the same as my pregnancy at 27! My body needed time to recover! But Baby Camden and I are home together and he has a good routine of learning, playing, napping, bathing and meal time now that he's 13 months old. My oldest child is killing it in high school as a freshman earning straight A's in all of her honors classes. Outside of school she's busy building her graphic design clientele and recently had her artwork in her first group exhibit in an art gallery. So now that I feel secure that my motherhood groove is steady, it's time for mama to do her thang!

Doing my "thang" means sketching in the middle of the night, sourcing materials in Fabric Row (Philly) with baby in the stroller, cutting and sewing while everyone sleeps or while hubby is here to watch the toddler.

My latest collection doesn't detour from the materials I use and love the most, exotic natural textiles and leather, but this collection is special to me because of the new silhouettes and trims inspired by the colors, flavors, and energy of two vibrant African countries: Mali and Morocco.

moodboard for jypsea leathergoods mali x morocco

The collection comprises of small and large bags, belts and accessories with long, luxe leather fringe, playful pom-poms, and shimmering gold paillettes.

Visit the shop to see for yourself. The full collection will roll out throughout the season. All made in small batches so no matter where you go, you'll never have to look like a rerun of everyone who came before you.

(Baby Camden and I dropping by a boutique in Philly I've work with.)

I'd love your feedback. What do you think of Mali X Morocco thus far?


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