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How To Decorate a Tiny Deck

How to decorate a tiny deck

If you have a tiny deck, you may be wondering how to decorate it. My deck was as awfully small and as unattractive as a deck could be. I moved here in October of this year so I got through the winter utilizing this space for storage for my shovel, snow pellets and whatnot. But all the while, I saw it's potential to provide a place to chillax after a long day. So as soon as the winter was out of sight, I got busy turning this tiny deck into our mini oasis!

My tiny deck "chill spot" wish list:

  • Must be pretty

  • Must have a garden

  • Must be comfy and conducive to doing everything from working on my laptop to meditation

  • Must repel MOSQUITOS.

Before: It was just the space that lead to my back door and since I park in the back of my house, it's a space I use daily. Just boring and uninspiring.

How to decorate a tiny deck

After: Within a few hours I was definitely CHILLING on my tiny deck oasis!

How to decorate a tiny deck
The deck is now so peaceful and serene!

How to decorate a tiny deck

How to decorate a tiny deck

How to decorate a tiny deck
My kids really enjoy the deck now.

Within in one day, I pulled it all together from these 3 stores.

Joann's: Floral Garland, Butterfly.

Some things I already had on hand like my gold Travel Candle which was recycled into a succulent pot, the round ottoman, some of the planters, Buddha and the lantern.

I recently extended my garden to the ground with an elevated planter box for my tomatoes that started on the deck but quickly out grew it. My good friend Janelle Livingstone runs a non-profit that teaches youth to garden and build these wonderful planter boxes! Check out Go Grow Garden!

I also painted a discarded wood chair from a neighbor solid gold to be a plant holder.

So you see, it doesn't take a lot to turn any little outdoor area into a more comfortable and beautiful space. I hope you feel inspired to make every inch of your living space more relaxing because every home should be an oasis.

How to decorate a tiny deck
The deck from the ground.

Next week, I'll show you how I made my small yard more fun for my kids!

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