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How to Make a Jean Jacket with Sequin Sleeves

Over the summer my bestie asked me to revamp her favorite denim jacket with "cool" sleeves. I was happy to take on the challenge because as a handbags/accessory designer, I don't work with clothes very often unless I'm tearing them apart to make handbags and accessories. :)

Well, I did make my own wedding gown 2 years ago, but otherwise, I rarely sew clothes these days.

I had a great time on her jacket. I found these wild, wide, layered, bell-like sleeves and dragon appliques and so it had this Asian theme happening. What I didn't expect though was for that project to leave me desiring a denim jacket with "cool" sleeves as well! I love glam so I knew my sleeves had to SHINE! I took a vintage sweater I hadn't worn in over 8 years and found a denim jacket while thrifting 2 weeks ago. BOOM! Marriage made in heaven!

Here's how I did it. Be sure to let me know what you think!


Bestie trying on the jacket when I delivered it on our dinner date.

Front view of my jacket.

What garment would you like to see a video of it revamped next?

I'm taking requests. :)


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