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How to Rebrand Your Creative Business

Podcast interview with womenswear designer-turned-jewelry designer Gwen Beloti
Rebrand Your Creative Enterprise chat with Gwen Beloti

This week on the podcast, The Fashion Business & Career Show, my friend Gwen Beloti joined us! Gwen had been a Brooklyn-based womenswear designer for over a decade and we met each other fairly early in our individual journeys as business owners. Recently she has rebranded as a jewelry designer and her new line is even more successful than the clothing line was. We discuss the motivation behind the rebrand and the mindset needed to do so smoothly.

Also, I have a freebie for designers seeking ways to generate multiple streams of income. Click here for that download: 7 Ways to Make Money as a Fashion Designer.

Enjoy the episode:

And be sure to keep up with Gwen Beloti at and on IG @gwenbeloti!


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