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How To Get Creative With School Uniforms (w/o getting in trouble)

How to get creative with school uniforms

Summer is coming to an end and schools around the country have begun returning back to the classrooms. The restrictions of a school uniform after months of lounging in t-shirts, shorts, and comfy summer gear can definitely cramp the style of the more stylish among us.

Pushback from students about the restrictions of school uniforms can look like "accidentally" forgetting required elements of the uniform and trying to see what they can safely get away with. Often, though, the "Dress Code Police" don't miss a thing and getting detention or a demerit for breaking the rules in the name of "self expression" is just not worth it.

How to get creative with school uniforms

So, with these stylish students in mind, I've compiled a few ways they MAY be able to add some personality to those polo shirts and further customize their uniforms while remaining within the dress code.

I made the video below for Mastery High School in Camden, NJ and all of the suggestions are allowed there but be sure to check with YOUR school first because every school has it's own guidelines.

And, if none of these updates are allowed at your kid's school, please remember that they can get creative and express their personal style also with hair and accessories!

Most importantly, please communicate this to them..."Always, consider the image you hope to portray of yourself because your personal style speaks for your on your behalf and like it or not people respond to you based on how your portray yourself so always seek to wear articles of clothing in and out of school that live up to an image of yourself that you're proud of!"

Without further ado...

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Enjoy! Be sure to subscribe below for updates and more DIY fashion ideas!

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