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I Joined the Better Homes & Gardens #OneRoomChallenge

I’m super excited to jump into the Better Homes & Gardens @oneroomchallenge as a guest participant!! If you're new here, I am Terina Nicole Hill, owner of Jypsea Leathergoods, a line of luxe leather home goods, handbags and jewelry made from upcycled leather. I also do some interior styling/home staging on the side and I own a fashion design makerspace where I teach sewing and all aspects of fashion design.

Currently, I'm going through a transformation in my life that I have discussed a little bit on social media. My husband and I have separated after almost only 3 years of marriage, sadly. I am fine though (after having 2 months to work through all of the emotions) and I'm excited actually about the fresh slate. My 2 children and I have moved into a new home and because I’m decorating this entire house from scratch to put our preferences and personality in each room, I figured why not join the #oneroomchallenge fun!

My focus for the #oneroomchallenge will be my BEDROOM because I’ve always had very neutral bedrooms. My last bedroom was black and white and super gender neutral to not be off-putting to my husband but one of the benefits of being #separated is that I can do whatever the heck I want! Haha!

I want an intentionally FEMININE “boudoir” here in my new home. My idea of feminine though is still quite modern, casual, and natural but still clearly the sleeping quarters of a GODDESS. 💅🏽

So I’m excited to turn this room into a slice of heaven...the ‘Garden of Eden’ is my inspiration. Right now it’s still has boxes in it so it be will quite a transformation!

This is what it looks like today.

The Plan:

Step one, unpack completely and get my closet and dresser organized. Then I will shop for the faux florals for the wall, book someone to come hang my swing from the ceiling, and look for accessories and hang art.

I need bedding, for sure and curtains. And I'll be adding a few pieces from my new collection of leather accessories (dropping on 10/23!) to the room as well.

The room is just UGGGH, right now but hey, I've only been here 11 days. I am super excited to see it transform! Every week on Wednesday I will post an update on this blog

and do a REVEAL in 6 weeks. #letsgetit

to see all of the awesome one room transformation!

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