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Interview with Celebrity Fashion/Costume Designer Brea Stinson!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Season 2 of The Fashion Business & Career Show is well under way. In our 2nd episode of the season, I was blessed to interview a phenomenal woman I've been a fan of for well over a decade!

She is the designer behind so many epic outfits we see our favorite stars wear during their performances and award ceremonies, such as Lizzo, Rihanna, H.E.R., Usher, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Will Smith, just to name just a few.

In this video, shot on 5/27/2020 (during the quarantine but before the protests) we discussed moving through these difficult times and the importance of showing up and sharing what we do with others because that spark of inspiration could be very beneficial to someone else.

You'll learn how she manages all of her VIP clientele and other great business insights.

So sit back and relax: Meet Brea Stinson!

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