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How to Succeed As a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur!

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

How to Succeed As a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur!

If you're a Multi-Passionate Creative, this episode is for YOU! The guest on episode 2 of The Fashion Industry Business & Career Show, Stacey "Flygirrl" Wilson, is the epitome of the multi-passionate professional creative! She has run a weekly dance party, the longest running one of it's kind in Philadelphia, for almost 20 years; she is also a graphic designer, fine artist, textile artist, and an art teacher.

She talks about how she got started as a creative, how she juggles it all, and some of the celebrity clientele she has. If you watch the video, stay tuned until the end and she'll show you how to DIY a stylish sun visor! Enjoy.



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