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Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

I totally believe in high quality gifts that will last and last but not everything is met to last forever. Some gifts can just create an unforgettable moment. And especially if its for a casual acquaintance like your nice neighbor, your child's teachers, or an office Secret Santa gift with a $10 budget. Create a special gift by hand that is more unique and special that will be greatly appreciated.

1. Spa Kit:

Every spa treatment here was found at the Dollar Tree and tossed into a holiday bucket I found 2 for $1. There were also goodies like eye masks and bath salts that would have been great additions as well! I had these kraft paper stickers laying around forever so I used them for the label but any label would do.

2. Homemade Cookies in a Holiday Tin

Every year I make homemade cookies around the holidays to give to my neighbors, any nearby relatives, which in my case means my in-laws since I'm not from South Jersey, and my kid's teachers. I call them the EVERYTHING Cookie and they are a hit! I get the tins from the Dollar Tree, too! Who says you can't be frugal and fabulous?

Check out the recipe below. PS: I forgot to mention the walnuts. There is 2/3 cup of crushed toasted walnuts in the recipe.

3. Bling Ring!

Got a young lady on your list who appreciates the shiny things in life? This is perfect for her and unbeknownst to her, you will also be giving her the healing benefits of gemstones. Plus, it's super easy to make! Simply hot glue the gem to the ring blank and you're done! You can get a ring box and the ring blanks from craft stores like Micheal's and Joann's. Or from Amazon.

4. Button Studs

Because jewelry always makes a thoughtful gift but not everyone wants a statement ring, here's a more conservative option! These stylish button studs are just as easy if you happen a jar of buttons in your craft room like I do. :) Just remove the loop in the back of the button and hot glue the button to the earring post and voila!

Have a Crafty Christmas!

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post to help you find the supplies on Amazon. If you buy there, I earn a small percentage of the sale but it costs you nothing additional.

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