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Pinterest-inspired DIY Baby Shower

Pinterest-Inspired DIY Baby Shower Decor

Recently, I hosted my baby shower with the help of my 2 besties. It was just PERFECT. I was super pleased with the aesthetics, the vibe, and the fun! The games were hilarious. We truly had a great time. And thanks to my friends and family, this baby-on-the-way needs absolutely NOTHING. My peeps literally showered us with love and gifts.

As I was planning my shower, I relied HEAVILY on Pinterest for inspiration because with my daughter's baby shower, 13.5 years ago, my auntie threw it for me. I literally showed up as a guest and left as a guest. I had nothing to do with the planning, decor, or anything so when it was time to start planning this one myself, I was a bit overwhelmed.

But Pinterest to the rescue! I created a board, shared it with my 2 best homies and got busy!

The inspiration for my cake? Pinterest.

Terina Nicole Design Blogger NJ Baby shower decor

Cake Pop inspiration? Pinterest. My candy bar (suggested by my best friend because I had never heard of such a thing) and my sign-in board? All Pinterest!

Here's the Pinterest original:

baby shower candy bar decor
diy baby shower boy decor

Here are the Pinterest originals:

baby boy shower treats
diy baby shower decor

I ordered a lot of the banners and wall decor from the Wish app, the rest was from Party City and the clear candy jars and faux rose petals on the table were found at my local Dollar Tree.

I also got a cute idea from my cousin's recent baby shower where he and his wife had a floral-designed frame that they used as a photo prop. How fun! I took a frame I found at the Goodwill and bought blue and white flowers to hot glue onto it. We enjoyed every moment of it with a black and white backdrop for the selfie station.

DIY baby shower decor

Terina Nicole NJ's Best DIY Blogger

Terina Nicole NJ Design Blogger

For food, I wanted easy. And nothing's easier than a gourmet taco bar. The local Mexican restaurant brought in everything: garlic shrimp, ground beef, shredded chicken, and all of the trimmings I wanted for it and it was a HIT.

Here is some taco bar inspo from Pinterest, as well.

gourmet taco bar

So, if you want to plan a lovely shower and have no idea where to start, I highly recommend starting with some Pins and letting the inspiration take you from clueless to classy! :)



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