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The Children's Botanical Garden with Baby Camden

The other day I took my toddler Camden to the Camden Children's Garden. He's now 14 months and it was the first time I allowed him to walk outdoors in public. He's still at the stage where he sometimes combines walking with crawling and topples over often so this level of protection is best but it was so amazing to see him move freely on his own in a safe environment. He was even running!

If you saw my last post, you know I just recently designed my first collection of accessories since my pregnancy and I'm therefore busily juggling motherhood and my role as a designer as best I can.

To the extent that even this outing did double-duty as a beautiful space to shoot more of my collection while showing Camden a good time! Hey, he's not going to sit in a stroller while I "hit my angles" for long at this age! I have to make it worth it for him. :)

Now, the Garden is a place I used to frequent quite often actually when my daughter Jordan was a baby. But she'll be 15 this week so it's been a long while since I've been there. I do now live walking distance (right down the street) so it was a perfect choice to kill two birds with one stone (bad analogy when giving props to nature but you know what I mean! ;))​

The Camden Children's Garden is located directly next door to the Aquarium. Only the Delaware River separates Camden, NJ from Philadelphia and the Aquarium and Garden sit on the Camden waterfront. And it's a fairly narrow river. I can literally walk into Philly from Camden in about 15 min. Driving from Camden to Philly takes all of 2-3 minutes so if you're in Philly consider visiting Camden more. We are right in your backyard. Come explore the garden (state).

What do I love about it? It is 4 acres of cuteness! Little pockets of adventures exist at every turn. Faux dinosaur eggs, huge tea cups for seating, a carousel, choo-choo train, gardens (of course), fun structures like the homes of the 3 Little Pigs, a playground with a picnic area and my absolute favorite: the Butterfly House where butterflies roam free.

Next time you're in the area, come thru!

Enjoy the photos. All accessories are handcrafted by yours truly and available in the shop.

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