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The Fashion Design Center of South Jersey

Today I was awakened to the news that the "King of Fashion," as I thought of him for his royal opulence, Karl Lagerfeld has died at the age of 85. At FIT, I had a professor who was disgusted by the students in his class who couldn’t name 10 high-end designers. Designers, not brands! The human beings behind the reigns of the world’s biggest fashion houses. I forget what course he taught but he made us do research papers on top tier designers on top of our other course load so that all were able to speak intelligently about couture and stop thinking Guess jeans were the height of fashion! LOL (This was the 90s)

Karl Lagerfield was numero uno. I dug his work at Chanel and loved his work at Fendi but I was always more of a Tom Ford for Gucci-kinda girl. Regardless, he was a genius and he is no longer with us.

May he Rest In Peace.

Although I've been doing less designing myself lately, it's for a good reason. I have a new venture: The Fashion Design Center of South Jersey! It's a makerspace and design school that opens this spring in Camden, NJ. I have never been more excited. It feels like my life's work is all coming together in one perfect way: teaching and designing and giving back to the community at once!

The website went live yesterday. Check it out:

Please join the mailing list at the website to stay informed!

Also, I am raising money to be able to provide my students with new sewing machines, dressforms and to provide scholarships to those most in need. Please give what you can. Any amount is appreciated. And share!


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