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The Only Woman-Owned Black-Owned Trim Supplier in the NYC Fashion District

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

As Black history month comes to an end and we usher in Women's History Month, I thought today's post is very fitting. Recently I had the honor of sitting down with my very busy friend, Shantell Richardson, Co-Founder of Trim Knowtions, LLC. If you're new to fashion or sewing, trim and notions are basically everything on an item of clothing or handbag that is NOT fabric. The ruffles, the fringe, the zippers, the labels, the emblems, the fancy spikes and rhinestones all fall under the category of trim and notions.

Trimknowtions provides the trim and notions for some of the most respected names in the fashion industry like Alexander Wang, Lilly Pulitzer, and LaQuan Smith!

Shantell Richardson and her partner Thacia Turner are the only woman-owned, black-owned trim suppliers in the NYC Fashion District (and possibly the entire country but I haven't done the research.) In this interview she explains how that came to be. Although Shantell arrived for our chat with her partner and their intern here from China, for the sake of time (they were headed to exhibit at a trade show in Pennsylvania), I only interviewed Ms. Richardson but it's a great interview and Thacia was right there cheering her on!

Stay tuned until the end of the video (if you're watching the video version) where Shantell walks us through the simplest but chicest DIY, making earrings with trim from her company!



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