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Have You Ever Wondered, "What's My Decor Style?" Here's Your Answer!

As an interior stylist, I have found that most of my lovely clients have come to me to rescue them from the daunting task of defining their space not because they don't have style or good taste. To the contrary, they are quite FLY. But with so many pretty things to choose from, they find themselves wanting it all and not able to discern which style is authentically there own.

For those who have this struggle, this chart is for you. It is NOT a comprehensive list of all decor styles but these are the main ones, as far as I am concerned, and will help you figure out where you stand.

An infographic describing several home decor styles by interior stylist Terina Nicole
What's Your Home Decor Style?

There are other style categories such as Minimalism, Maximalism, and sub-categories like Afro-Bohemian which is where I fit in: Bohemian that focuses on African/Black art and artifacts with a healthy dose of Maximalism.

Now that you have more of an idea of how to define your home decor style you will have a much better time diving into your own home decor projects.

Need more decorating help? I can do it for you with my E-Design Services. Reach out.

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