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Peace Within Starts At Home: How To Create a Sacred Space

I started 2016 deeply focused on interior styling and I've come to discover that many of my new clients are seeking to bring more peace and tranquility into their homes, to my delight. A space to grow spiritually and intellectually in the comfort of their own homes is what has been requested by many via book nooks, meditation and prayer rooms, as well as zen home offices.

Below is an inspiration board I've created for one such project. See that completed room redesign here.

I believe that all can achieve a soothing, personal space at home but it begins with:

1. decluttering

2. determining the primary use of the space

3. adding in elements that serve that purpose.

(Above: The top of my nightstand serves the purpose of my altar. Below: Floor pillows I use for meditation next to my altar.)

The "Zen" Floor Pillows are available currently in the gift shop.

Items that help turn any space into a

Sacred Space:

  • Yoga mats and

  • mirrors for a yoga space,

  • floor poufs and

  • a beautiful leather-bound journal for a meditation space,

  • a bookcase or shelves in a booknook

  • a prayer rug and

  • maybe an altar for a prayer room, etc.

  • Natural materials,

  • plants,

  • soothing sounds,

  • aromatherapy and

  • a ton of sunlight in the space goes a long way as well.

You may want to study up on feng shui to gain a deeply understanding of creating a space filled with positive chi.

Creating a space that is cozy, makes you calmer and more focused the moment you walk in is possible for any home. Doing so can quite literally extend your life and save your mental health.

If you need a hand creating a zen space in your own home, let me help. My E-design Service make the process stress-free.



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