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YES, You Can Create A Home Office in the Small Space You Have!

home office in small spaces

Typically, when seeking a new place to call home the priority tends to place bedrooms, bathroom size and kitchen space at the top of the list. Most of us do want a quiet space to work as well but are resigned feeling that a home office is a luxury only afforded to those with big houses. Well, I am here to dispute such claims!

You can carve out a lovely home office in the space that you have despite the limited floor plan.

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Here are 3 options I've implemented in the homes of my clients:

1. Spare bedroom-

The most obvious option is the spare bedroom. You don’t have guests often enough to dedicate this valuable space solely to others but you do need it to feel comfy and inviting when you do.

Solution: Add a large chaise lounge for sleeping and fill decorative baskets with bedding for your guests while using the majority of the space for your own professional needs.

2. An empty corner-

Whether in the dining room or master bedroom, an empty corner can become the ideal home office with the right desk and chair. Tip: Because there is no door to close it off from the rest of the room, keep the space tidy and organized always with bins, folders, and other neat compartments.

3. A closet-

home office in a closet

Yes, that's right! Most apartments have a number of closets...the coat closet, a linen closet, a pantry, and of course, bedroom closets. Even if your place only has ONE closet, you can hang your clothes on a garment rack and or place them in an armoire and utilize that sole closet as a home office. Hang a few shelves with the lowest one operating as the desk. Bring in a lamp, a corkboard, a few office supplies and POOF...

Mission home office: complete.

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