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Fashion Trucks and Tradeshows, Let's Talk About Them!

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

(This post has been updated. Scroll to the end to see Chrisie's NEW boutique)

On today's podcast, The Fashion Industry Business & Career Show, we talk to Chrisie Hooper of the Chrisie Style Fashion Truck and she gives us the lowdown on fashion truck ownership: what it takes to purchase one, renovate it, and operate it.

Later in the conversation we deep dive into tradeshows. Tradeshows aren't open to the public. It's where fashion designers (or other designers of products) meet retailers (buyers) that purchase their products wholesale for their stores...either their own store like Chrisie or retailers they work for.


At the end of the VIDEO version of the podcast interview (below), I take you on a tour of a tradeshow that came to Philadelphia 2 weeks ago. Get a list of 9 Tradeshows for Fashion Designers here.



Despite 3 months lost to quarantining due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Chrisie worked quietly behind the scenes building her dream boutique after selling her fashion truck. I dropped in and it's beautiful! Check it out here:

And as promised, here is a list of 9 Tradeshows for Fashion Designers.


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