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Week 2 of the One Room Challenge: Making Progress!

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Today makes exactly 2 weeks since I moved into my new home, and of course me being me, I jumped head first into a CHALLENGE because I'm notoriously doing too much. Hahaha! So for me, the Better Homes & Gardens One Room Challenge isn't just about decorating a room in my home, it's also about unpacking and organizing it for the first time while simultaneously doing the same for each of the other rooms in the house. Aye caruba!

But hey, I'm self-employed during a pandemic so I kinda have time. LOL

In the first post, you saw that there were boxes in the room and I was living within controlled chaos. I'm proud to report that the boxes are unpacked and everything has a home. My clothes are in the closet, hung and folded. Shoes are also inside the closet on the shoe rack. Welcome back to civilization, Terina!

The truth is I always wanted to be that minimalistic, stylish chick who can put 6 tops, 3 skirts, and 4 pairs of pants on a clothing rack and mix & match them into an infinite number of fly outfits. And yet, every fall I would consider doing just that but not follow through. I've come to accept that I like unpredictability in my wardrobe! I like to know what looks great on me, keep only my faves, but wake up and dress according to my mood, not some pre-meditated look.

BUT, with that said, I still have committed to the clothing rack concept but I have what I call "instant dope" (ie: dresses and blazers/sporty jackets) on it. If I need to get out the door in a flash and look great, I know that a dress will serve me well. Also, if I've been chilling in the house in jeans and a t-shirt but now I have to go out to teach a design workshop, all I have to do is throw on a blazer and some heels and I'm instantly professional and chic. I think my rack of "instant dopeness" will be more valuable to me than a minimalist wardrobe.

Now that the room is clean and orderly, decorating it is the next step.

What else have I done thus far to bring my room to the "Garden of Eden" aesthetic that I'm going for? Well, I've unboxed some woman-loving art work that will be displayed in here.

Also, I've begun sourcing the floral garlands for the wall. One question many people asked me about the hammock swing is how will I hang it from my (low) ceiling but I don't have low ceilings. I have a vaulted ceiling in my bedroom.

The swing used to hang in a loft I lived in for 3 years, 2 years ago but it's been packed up since then so I'm excited to but it back to use.

It's going to be absolutely cherished in my Garden of Eden bedroom! Can't wait!

Lastly, I think I've made a decision about curtains. I'm 99% sure but I'll reveal my decision in next week's post. Keep up with all the fun happening in the #oneroomchallenge here:

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