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60 Days of Sustainable Fashion Challenge

A Free Challenge to Enhance & Cultivate Your Wardrobe Without Harming the Earth

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Did you know the fashion industry is the 3rd most pollutant industry on the planet?

So how can we stay fly without wrecking the planet or supporting "fast fashion" brands that employ child labor or provide deplorable work conditions just to keep their prices low?


Can "going green" with your wardrobe choices (even for just 60 days) be more affordable than shopping is for you now? ABSOLUTELY!

The Challenge

Every week you'll learn new ways to add to your wardrobe in a way that does less damage to your pocket and to the environment.

And daily, in the private FB Group, we'll show off our fashion finds that were:

  • thrifted

  • upcycled

  • shopped from your closet

  • or purchased from an indie brand that manufacturers locally and in small batches


There will be PRIZES for the coolest finds and the most active participants!

The hope is that you become "addicted" to sustainable fashion and the planet will benefit for years to come but even if you only go green for 60 days, it's still a great benefit to us all.

I want to join the Challenge!
Sign me up!

You're in! Look out for our weekly emails and meet us in the FB group to get daily updates!

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