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How To Manage Your Growing Fashion Business

Monica Monique's business has only continue to grow over the years as Philadelphia's premiere couture dress designer and owner of a fashion-forward boutique, Oxymoron, located right on Fabric Row (4th Street). Drop in any given day and it's bustling with her creating her custom gowns right in the shop, clients trying on their ordered pieces and customers shopping the racks of her ready-to-wear designs, as well as the designs of the indie brands she carries.

But how does she stay organized and handle it all? We discuss that as well as the future of her brand and so much more in this fun and insightful interview:

Want to discover more ways to earn money as a fashion designer? Download my list of income-generators for fashion designer here:

And be sure to keep up with Monica at and via IG: @oxymoronfashionhouse and @monicamoniqueshop.

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